StoryBookIllustrators Premiere Issue


Premiere Issue, January 5, 2011

Welcome to our first issue of the i.e., The Illustrator Express; a periodical, a newsletter, updates and interesting events for and our artists. 

It has been an exciting couple of months with some exceptionally talented and experienced illustrators joining the site!  With such a mixture of talented artists and professional illustrations we are proud and honored to be partnering with our members to present a varied, capable and professional resource to the industry.  As we continue to grow and market the site, and add new features, we look forward to welcoming new members and assisting the children's illustration industry in finding the right creative professional for the job.  It is here in the Illustrator Express that we will share our news and achievements, and celebrate our talented illustrators, while bringing together artists and art buyers.

So let's begin the celebration! 

For those of you who haven't yet perused here's an introduction to the very talented illustrators and agencies that have partnered with us thus far and a link to their portfolios...

Herman Agency


Bryan Ballinger

David Quentin Sheldon

Elly MacKay

Emilie Boon


Jim Harris

John Shelley

Julie Fortenberry

Kenneth Kraegel

kevan Atteberry

Laura Menardi Jacobsen

Lisa Cinelli

Lon Levin




Maggie Smith

Marion Eldridge

Pamela Anzalotti

Patrick Girouard

Patti Gay

Paula Pertile

Pete Whitehead

Susan Swan

Timothy Young

Tom Knowles

Viqui Maggio

Wendy Edelson

Wilson Williams Jr



Holiday Give Away... recently partnered with Illustration Pages for a holiday give away.  Wilson Williams Jr. was the lucky winner of a free one-year membership to!  We couldn't be happier to have Wilson join us.  Thanks to everyone who participated and shared the name of their favorite childhood storybook. 


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New and Upcoming... has added some new features recently to the site including a blog address for illustrators to include their blog URL in their portfolio, an easy monthly payment option for members and of course this new newsletter.  We're always working to help illustrators present their work professionally and market themselves and we have some new features in the works, as well as some other fun things to come!  



Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!


All the very best,

Your team