How can I search for illustrators or images?

You do not need to be registered on to view the illustrators or images on the site. You can search in one of our many galleries or directories and filter illustrations or members very specifically:

  • • home page will give you a quick snapshot of some of the talented members on the site. View featured illustrators, images or biographies with direct links to the illustrators.
  • • In the 'Illustrators Gallery' you can search by agency name, artist/member represented by an agency or artist/member name not represented by an agency.
  • • In the 'Trends Gallery' you can search by medium and style of artwork and select from 21 different sub-categories. You can also search by endless keywords and filter published or unpublished artists.
  • • In the 'Published Books' gallery you can view all submitted published books by our members. Click on their name to view the illustrators portfolio. As another viewing option select from the alphabetical list of illustrators on the sidebar to view only their published books.
  • • In the 'Photography Gallery' you can search by key words and filter published or unpublished artists. Popular keywords appear in the sidebar of various pages for easy 'click and view' access.
  • • The 'Illustrator or Agency Index' lists all members by name. This is a quick view list with a direct link to the illustrator or agencies portfolio.
  • • Visitors can also search for images available for licensing. Illustrators may choose to make specific illustrations available for licensing within their gallery, in this case contact the illustrator specifically for purchasing details and arrangements.
  • • Lastly, for very in depth filters try our 'Advanced Search'.  Here you can search very specifically, filtering by numerous categories.